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Your tax deductible donation supports the activities that promote the protection and enhancement of the water quality of East Pond.  It preserves the ecological, economic, recreational and aesthetic value of the lake we all love.


These activities include:

  • Production and distribution of educational materials and newsletters

  • Financial support of the Youth Conservation Corps who learn lifelong skills while providing the physical labor for your conservation projects.

  • Your paid Courtesy Boat Inspectors educate all watercraft owners and search for those plant fragments that can cause infestations. 

  • Payment of local taxes for the dam

  • Remediation of external phosphorous loading projects

  • Plant paddles and the management of our Curly-leaf Pondweed invasive.

  • Planning and providing for future necessary alum treatments


Every donation helps “Keep East Pond Picture Perfect”

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Thank you for supporting the East Pond Association.

Thanks for Donating!

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