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Help Keep Our Lakes Safe & Clean

Following are a few things you can do to keep our lakes safe and clean:

  • Join the East Pond Association

  • Contribute to East Pond

    • Courtesy Boat Inspections expenses

    • Invasive Plant Fund Appeal

    • Rob Jones East Pond Restoration Fund

  • Join a Task Force

  • Recycle Bottles and Cans at Tri Pond Variety – 164 Village Rd. Smithfield – 207 362-2300

    • ​Please label Bags – East Pond Association or EPA

  • Reduce the amount of cleared land –“ leave the duff”  pine needles and leaves

  • Work with your Camp Road Task Force

    • To form a Road Association 

    • For ideas on how to improve your road

  • ​Become an Adopt A Shoreline and Plant ID Inspector – call 7 Lakes Alliance 207 495-6039

    • ​Inspector your section twice during the summer (any time you choose)

    • Report your finding to 7 Lakes Alliance

    • Bring unknown plant specimens to 7 Lakes Alliance for identification

    • Avoid boating in any areas where invasive plants are growing

  • Become a Courtesy Boat Inspector – call 7 Lakes Alliance 207 495-6039

    • Learn how to inspect YOUR boat for plants

    • Volunteer at the Public Boat Launch

  • Respect Loons – Give them space,  keep  your distance from parents and chicks, avoid nests

    • State Law requires NO WAKE within 200 ft. of shore. Tow skiers and tubers in the deeper, central areas of the lake. Propeller wash, especially before planning off, disturbs sediments up to 6 ft. below the water surface.

  • Do not use phosphorous laden fertilizer on your lake property

  • Use non-phosphate detergents, soaps and brighteners

Lawn Care

If you have a lawn:

  • Leave an unmowed buffer strip of grass along the lake.

  • Let your lawn area grow tall and do not rake out duff.

  • Limit the use of fertilizers, or eliminate them altogether.

  • Plant a buffer of trees and shrubs along the shore and road.

  • Leave existing rocks in place along the lakeside.

(Buffer & Native)

Road Care

Septic Care

"Adopt the pace of nature,
her secret is patience."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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