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2017 Alum / Watershed Plan

This compelling video (shot in 2017 before the alum treatment) was pivotal in raising more than $1 million dollars to fund East Pond’s initial alum treatment. We know you’ll find it interesting and informative. It’s about why East Pond residents treasure the lake and why we should all be concerned about continuing our vigilance over the annual late summer algae blooms. Avoiding their negative impact on water quality and our quality of life must be a top priority for us all. The video explains the science of what causes the blooms and proposes the successful solution we employed. The initial price tag to implement that solution was $1 million. But that’s just the beginning.

The lake is now clear and the outlook is positive. However we must continue to monitor this constantly evolving body of water. It is the most valuable asset we have and protecting it for future generations is of paramount importance.

Though the first alum treatment appears to have been successful, we hope you’ll continue to participate, both financially and personally, to ensure this order of magnitude improvement. I’m happy to offer guidance in helping you to decide on an appropriate commitment to this continuing project. Join the Fund Raising Task Force which supports the Rob Jones East Pond Restoration Fund and help us “Keep East Pond Picture Perfect”

Enjoy the video and listen to its message. We very much look forward to your sharing our commitment to East Pond and reaping the rewards of a cleaner lake year-round.

"Of all the paths you take in life,
may some lead to the lake."
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